Definition of Tequila
History of Tequila
First distilled spirits of the Americas
The Blue Agave Plant
Misconception of the Tequila Worm
Tequila versus Mezcal

Where Does it Come From
What is a Denomination of Origin
Effect of Region on Taste
Long Growth Cycle of the Plant

How is Tequila Made
The Blue Agave Plant
Myth of Cactus Juice
What is a Jimador
Principle Ingredients

Aging and 5 Classes of Tequila
Aging Process
Effect of Aging on Taste
Distillation Process

Ways to Drink Tequila
Neat to Rocks
Margarita know-how
Tequila in Cocktails
Learn Jack's “Battle of Poitiers” Recipe

Tequila Glassware

Tequila Tasting