2017 Scotland Tour
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Jack Smith's ancestry goes back to Scotland and that, perhaps, may explain why Scotch whisky courses through his blood! Jack has had the pleasure to visit 14 distilleries on previous trips to Scotland and is intimitately familiar with many of the distillers, managers and distillery tour guides. Why not join Jack for what could best be defined as a Scotch whisky drinker's "Trip of a Lifetime" on his next Scotland Distillery Tour. If you are interested in joining Jack "The Whisky Guy" on his next tour to Scotland, please complete the form below. He is accumulating a list of interested Scotch whisky enthusiasts and will soon be announcing a date, during a September-October 2015 time frame, well in advance of the trip to allow people sufficient time to plan for it.

Your journey to Scotland will commence on a Sunday from the USA, with a Monday morning arrival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Jack's Scotch tours and tastings will take you to a minimum of 15 different distilleries, representing the various regions, including: Highland, Lowland, Islay, Speyside and Campbeltown during your week-long stay in Scotland. You'll be residing at various comfortable hotels and "Bed and Breakfasts" during your distillery itinerary. Jack typically arranges for VIP or Connoisseur tours at the distillers for his guests. Jack will also arrange to meet the distillers, when possible (Jack has a personal relationship with many of them), distillery staff and guides. You'll have Jack along every step of the way to supplement and enhance the information provided by the distilleries. The return flight will be on a Monday, with a Tuesday USA arrival.

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